Grand World International Co., Ltd.

Grand World International Co.,Ltd. was established in 1997 by a group of young entrepreneur who foresees the potential of Thai fruits and vegetables as one of the most delicious edibles in the world. They didnít only want to keep the distinctive taste alone; they wanted to share the unique taste worldwide.

Thai fruits, exotic and uniquely different, are Grand World Internationalís main products. We desire to develop and export the best, freshest and most delicious Thai fruits and vegetables to every market all over the world. Not only do we desire that, we are determined to export Thai fruits and vegetables for consumers in every country to taste the sweetness, bitterness, sourness and freshness of Thai fruits and vegetables easily and conveniently without needing to travel all the way to Thailand to savor the taste of tropical Thai fruits. Another motive of us is to support agriculturists in Thailand, who devote themselves in producing the finest fruits and vegetables, and improve their income as well as to advance the production technology and quality to match and, maybe, exceed the International Standards.

To reinforce our motives, our policy is to produce the best quality, freshest and most delicious products by selecting the best raw materials from the best sources of productions. We have been approved by the standards in Thailand (GAP or Good Agricultural Practice) as well as being approved by the standards of manufacturing our products (GMP or Good Manufacturing Practice).

With more than 10 years of experience, we have developed and improved in every way which makes us an acknowledged and famous company and having customers worldwide. Our exportation varies from exporting by ships to exporting by planes. As well as exporting fruits and vegetables, both available in fresh and frozen form which we export no less than 5000 products each year. Furthermore, our company has focus more on studying and researching ways to produce new products using new technologies for our customers to taste the magnificent taste of Thai fruits and vegetables in a variety of forms.